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Force Selection for QB vs Scenario Design


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I have 2 questions that must have been brought up before but unfortunately I couldn't find an answer in my forum searches...

1. the force selection options for QBs seems unnecessarily complicated , the scenario designer is much more streamlined. An example of what I am getting at is the Pz Div escort company is located in the infantry and mech formations tab for QBs but is only in the armoured formations tab (more logically in my opinion) in the scenario designer. Another example: armoured/ mech infantry are in infantry formations and mech formations in QBs, where in scenario designer they're only in the mech formation tab. This goes for all the other WW2 CMx2 games. Is there any reason why the scenario designer force selection menu wasn't/ can't just be copied for QB setup?

2. Related but slightly off the above topic: is the armoured engineer uniform option for panzer-pioneers not functional for the base game? I cannot seem to get it to work. It works in CMBN but not RT.




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Reference question 1 - I suspect, but don't know, that the reason for the cross-pollination in QB selections is linked to the fact that you can choose 'Armor Only', 'Infantry Only', Mech Only', 'Mix' and 'Random'. in the 'Force Type' drop down for a QB when you're in the process of setting up the battle. There's probably some under the hood shenanigans which make it more logical code-wise for the computer to select forces. Clearly this does not matter at all for scenario design because the designer, rather than the computer decides everything.

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This is something that bothers me about the ww2 titles. I'd like to be able to get infantry battalions with their vehicles, without having to use motorized battalions.

In BN and FI for instance, I'd like Commonwealth infantry units to have their Bren carriers for the carrier sections and to tow the AT guns, without using a Motorized unit!

In BS the tank element of Russian recce units is stripped out, which is a pretty important component!

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