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Technical problems with an audio mod

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Hi all,


Some time back I downloaded a small arms sound mod (see link below) which worked absolutely fine.  I went through the mod and picked out the sounds I liked best and then I deleted the others.


Since then I wanted to go back and re-listen to the sounds I originally didn't want to see if I had changed my mind about any of them.  I therefore decided to re-download the mod.  Bizarrely, this time no matter what unpacking application I use (the unarchiver, dr unarchiver, etc etc) the mod always, *always* comes out with zero-bytes for each sound file.  Sometimes depending on what unpacking application I use it will say that the file is corrupt.  


I am using a fairly powerful MacBook pro retina on High Sierra.


When I contacted the creator of the mod he said there was nothing wrong his end and the file was downloading fine.  Obviously there is something going wrong somewhere. 


I am very eager to get this mod again.  Could some kind soul perhaps test download the mod to see if they are having the same issue, and perhaps some even kinder soul reupload to dropbox?  It really is baffling as like I said I have downloaded it before with the same computer with no problems.


Thanking you in advance.


A.  :)

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22 minutes ago, johnnymo said:

It downloads fine for me, and I can extract and hear the sounds.

Do note that it is a .7z file, not .zip. I have to use a different program to extract the files. I'm on Windows 10 (not a Mac). I used a program called 7-Zip (version 16.0.4 from October 2016) to unzip the files.


Thank you to explain "the problem", some of users were reporting the same situation, and I recommend them to open these files with another program, like zip rar…and the files works fine.

Let me know...

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