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APDS rounds not being used

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Wondering if anyone else has run into this problem, and if so are there solutions?

I am playing a game with Brits against a well stocked German foe. I have some fireflys, as well as some 57mm AT guns. Both of these units are supplied with APDS rounds, which are more lethal against the thick German armor. My units have had ample opportunity to fire them, and have sent many AP rounds into German tanks. They have not however fired any APDS rounds.

This is frustrating because it seems the prime time to use your best ammo would be when engaging heavy armor. Of course my AP rounds just bounce off the German tanks and they casually drive into the open, taking hit after hit and then obliterate my units with one shot.

Why have APDS rounds in the game if they won't be fired? Am I missing something?

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Interesting. Typically they *do* use them. I think we have even had posts about using them on sub prime targets. I do not recall them being saved on a regular basis. There is no way for you to direct the choice the AI tank commanders make the call. I'm not sure how they do it.

If something has changed and things are messed up it might be worth a quick test.

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