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PBEM LOS during setup


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Question about checking LOS during setup for a PBEM game: Is it correct that when setting up a PBEM game one side is able to experiment with unit placement and LOS without committing to unit purchases while the other is not? Or am I missing something?


1) Open CM and select QB - choose settings for two human players / PBEM, click ok
2) Select Allies, PBEM, and select password
3) Choose filename and save
4) Send file to oppo
5) oppo opens file and sets password
6) oppo is now able to preview map and purchase troops

At this point oppo notices a hill in a strategic location that would be a great place to put an FO, as it looks like it might have LOS through some trees all the way to the other side of the map. No way to test this, though, so oppo either buys or does not buy an FO and artillery.

7) oppo saves file and sends back to me
8) I open game file and preview map

I also see a hill in a different strategic location with maybe a view through some trees to the other side of the map. So I exit the map preview, buy an FO, give a move order to the top of the hill, and check LOS to the other side of the map. Nope, cannot get LOS through the trees at all!  Glad I checked.

9) I click Menus, and click Quit

I can iterate on loading the game file, experimenting with purchases, without committing to anything, while oppo can only do the LOS test on the next “turn”, after he’s decided whether or not to buy the FO and artillery.

Is this an imbalance built in to the PBEM system, or am I missing something?

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