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B2B - German Major Victory impossible?

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Curious to hear people's thoughts on German strategies in the B2B/standard Barbarossa campaign. To me, it seems pretty much impossible for Germany to achieve anything beyond a stalemate or minor victory (by clinging onto Warsaw). Ash and I are currently duelling it out again, I am Soviets and he Germany. He's done a great job so far - better than I've ever managed or seen in Barbarossa AARs -  in terms of killing stuff, building up his elite step tanks and whatnot but the prospect of him reaching Moscow or Stalingrad is pretty much zero (he managed to get Leningrad in early 42). My 1943 resources are about to come online and the resource disparity will almost certainly allow me to break the current deadlock and start the long walk to Berlin. 

Given the lack of  'comeback' mechanics in place for the Germans (no lend lease, Siberian troops, winter events, patriotic war bonuses etc) and the late game garnishments to their MPP income (defence of Italy, France, allied strategic bombing) I can only assume that a German victory must be pretty much sealed by the end of 1941 by making huge gains in territory as well as killing enormous swathes of troops. However, this appears to me to be basically impossible. It's about 50 squares, give or take, from the Russian border to Moscow. Even if Guderian moves an average of 2 squares per turn (which I'd say is unrealistic if the Russians mount any kind of a defence), that's 25 turns to get to the Russian capital, which puts him in the middle of Jan 1942.

Basically if there are any German strategic experts out there, I'd love to hear what kind of strategies are viable! It doesn't stop me having a cracking time with this campaign, but it does rather put a dampener on things when it feels like a foregone conclusion at the outset...

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