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Unit mash ups questions.


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I was wondering if unit mash ups WITH permissions from original authors are allowed, frowned upon or an out right court marshal-able offense?

From what I understand the correct protocol is to PM original Authors to ask permission and if granted  credit them in any documentation stating what parts of their original work was used.

I'm new to this and not 100% sure if I am approaching this in the right manner  and I have no wish to offend anybody or be accused of stealing other peoples work.

I just want to add something small to a game series I have grown to love and contribute in a tiny way to the  awe inspiring array of mods made by the CM community.

I am fascinated by the various militias and paramilitaries of both sides of the  current war in the Ukraine and was hoping to be able to get some mash ups happening for specific unit skins, starting with 1st Separate Battalion-Tactical Group "Somalia".

How likely are mod authors to grant permission to use their work if the above conditions are met or will I get a resounding bugger off you grumpy Aussie twit?

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I think most of the time people have been good with doing that. I know I would be fine with that (not that my icon mods are really good candidates for what you are looking at doing). I think as you said being upfront with credit and what your work is based on is certainly the right thing to do. Honestly I actually don't think that once a free mod is shared with the community anyone can expect to totally control what happens to it next but for the sake of good relations you are probably wise to ask for permission though.

A great example is @Kieme(ITA)'s work on modding Russian vehicles which are weathered versions of @BTR 's Russian vehicles:

Between the two of them it is a pretty damn nice set of mods - I run with them.

My suggestion for you is to create your mods with tags. Since mods use a simple file override mechanism if you replace the textures for Ukrainian Infantry then all Ukrainian infantry are effected by the mod. Which is fine if that is what you are trying to do. In your case it seems like you are trying to create some specialized mod sets. To make them easy to use I suggest you use tags so they don't replace the textures for the entire game but only for scenarios that use the given tag. That way you can create a specialized mod for Ukrainian Infantry with a tag and then someone can create a scenario to use them and your mod will work in their scenario but not override all Ukrainian Infantry.

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