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Worked fine before now laggy menus, in game mouse and low quality graphics

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I just launched CM:SF after not playing it in ages and it is running incredibly poorly. In the menus there is a huge lag, with options becoming highlighted several seconds after the mouse pointer hovers over them. Once in game, the mouse is again very laggy and the graphics look atrocious. Anyone else experienced this recently? I used to be able to play it with all settings maxed out with perfectly good performance.

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Is this on a laptop or desktop ? What video card do you have ? It sounds as if you're running on Intel integrated graphics (which could be the reason for the 'atrocious' graphics). With some laptops you may have to set some sort of 'profile' for the game within the control applet for the video card drivers to tell it to run on the 'dedicated' video rather than the Intel integrated video.

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Thanks for your reply. In the end I was able to resolve the problem - but the solution was quite weird.

I created a profile for CM:SF in the NVidia Control Panel "Manage 3D Settings" tab and made sure it was using my NVidia graphics card rather than the integrated graphics. I also set Antialiasing to "Override" and maxed out the amount of Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering. I then launched the game again but found that if the "Antialias/Multisample" in-game option was set to "On" the problem still occurred. I had to turn it "Off", exit the game, launch the game again, go into Options, set "Antialias/Multisample" back to "On" and then everything was fine.

So, it seems it doesn't like launching with "Antialias/Multisample" already set to "On" but doesn't mind you changing it to "On" once in the game. As I said, very weird!

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