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US Gun Crew Weapons?

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On April 30, 2016 at 11:46 PM, user1000 said:

Is it true most US gun crews were issued springfields instead of garands? AT guns and artillery crewman?

I never heard this and doubt that it would be true after 1942. Mostly they got a mix of Garands and carbines with the gunner often getting a Colt ACP.


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I always see them with carbines..

Speaking of that carbine in game. Is that the same one you see US troops in Korea using except with banana clips in old footage? 


Nvm. Turns out thats the M2 carbine that adds a 30 rnd clip and select fire ability including automatic.  The m3 variant had an IR scope.

So we.re seeing the m1 in game however by end of war some M2s should be floating around for our Riesberg redone scenarios etc.

Speaking of old scenarios anyone excited to see Yelnia Stare redone wit 1:1 soldiers? Though its probably years away? :)

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