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Adjust mission for air cas?

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I was thinking if the air assets should have the "adjust mission" command like the artilleries do. From where I look ,a 1-2 km squared AO is a pretty tiny area compare to the distance the aircrafts traveled from their IP. Readjust strike locations on the map is probably not so different from re-engaging a missed target (since they do a lot of these in game as "coming around"). Usually to engage another designated target, we have to wave off the aircraft (cease fire), which would take a whole turn, then call-in a whole new mission which cost at least additional 4 more minutes, depending on the occasion. 

While if the game allows an adjust mission function for the air controls, it might only take 2-3 minutes to deal with new threat. That would make quite a difference in air missions, since the air assets are that expensive in quick battles. 

It doesn't seem difficult to implement, I guess it must be reasons not having it in the game. I am all humble to learn and listen. :)

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