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Copy-paste in Editor's text fields?

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There aren't very many editor text fields that you type into within the editor itself so I don't really understand what you are asking.  The briefings are all done on a text document outside of the game and then loaded into the scenario as a file.  You can do whatever you want with the text file outside of the game.  The only thing that I can think of right now that is inside the game is renaming units, naming victory locations, and naming reinforcement groups.  It only takes a second or two to type a unit name.  Is that what you are asking about?   Typing unit names?  If so then I don't think there is a way to paste into those fields.  If you are asking about something else then I'm not sure I understand.  

The thought just occurred to me that you may want to translate briefings?  I haven't done it in a while, but you should be able to export the briefing files while within the scenario editor.  At least you used to be able to do that.  When you export the briefing file you get a text file with the briefing so you can do whatever you want with it.

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Hello ASL Veteran,

you got it, it's all about translations. The fields I'm concerned about are such as Title, Description, Terrain objectives, Landmarks, Unit (re)names. As you pointed out, the briefing benefit from an awfully useful import/export feature. While it's not *that* tedious to retype things, when one is typo prone, it could be nice to be able to just paste and voila. ;)

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