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Combat mission literally breaks my computer. Please help.


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Happens when I save.

Everytime I save the game get progressively buggier, glitchier and less stable.


And then, I'll go to save it and my computer crashes.


Force restart. Laptop won't start up. Gets to windows, then all icons go white and computer hangs. Keep restarting and it does this.


Before, i managed to get to my start menu and do a shut down before it freezes and it worked fine.


Thought it was a fluke. Start playing again



Go to save, freezes. Restart computer now i can get Windows to start.


Can (sometimes) get into startup repair which doesn't help- can launch on safemode.


Win 8. AMD gfx drivers fully updated. 


So now I'm stuck in this loop. (posting from phone)

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You need to file a helpdesk ticket.


My suggestion would be to totally uninstall the game. Reboot, run some diagnostics (sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt, for just one example) and make sure your Windows OS is running properly. (There are other diagnostics.)

Then, reinstall the game, keeping a close eye on where the game installer puts the savegame files. (You may have them in a non-standard location. If you have changed the User Profile locations, or permissions, you may have introduces some instabilities. Ask me how I know. ;)  )

But, all the above is pure conjecture. The Helpdesk ticket really is the way to go.


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