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  1. You've created a strawman here. No one espoused "dumbing down" of the game. It's not a realistic scenario, because not only does it not need to happen, but in fact, outside of AAA Titles, it's not always the case. ARMA3, complicated as it can be- especially with people (as myself) who use full milsim mods, is leaps and bounds above its earliest predecessor. ARMA3 is also an order of magnitude more popular than its progenitor. You're using "oh but popularity will make the game bad" as an argument as to why the game can't be more popular, which is a false argument, full s
  2. Absolutely. I can't help but feel jaded when the people in charge of the game treat it like some back shelf secret they're ashamed of. Or like some teenage band who are just too cool for "selling out" and as a result, you never get to see them play shows and when they do, they're in the singer's weird uncle's garage and no one else shows up. And merchandise? Good luck, they're not interested in a merch guy because "that's the way they've always done it". You're welcome to screenprint your own Scuttlebutts Tshirts though. Hey maybe they'll even sign it for you if you go to the one show a
  3. That's defeatist and counterproductive. If you're fine with struggling to find opponents, a tiny selection of maps and mods and a company uninterested in modernizing, that's fine. But it's a disservice to the exceptional product itself, and inconsiderate of the product it can be.
  4. I'm sure that really matters, given the sample size. How about you ask any of the...oh wait. It's almost like there isn't anyone else anywhere actually discussing this game. I'm not sure CM will rocket to the level of popularity wherein there's a schism within the community about what features need to be added. That's a terrible excuse. Instead, one can look objectively at metrics like popularity- and see this game has next to zero presence. And if that does happens, that's a wild and incredible thing for BF as a company. CK2 is
  5. It's a clear and obvious demonstration that "niche" or "complex" titles aren't actually "niche" at all. It's not about quality of the product itself, that stands on its own. It's about visibility. Something that objectively improves quality. More opponents. More maps. More mods. More AAR and DARs. We're sitting here praising a single article in a B-list gamer magazine. The game doesn't even have an active subreddit.
  6. Oh wow a single review on a niche gaming website. Really making leaps and bounds with that "visibility" thing. Meanwhile, Crusader Kings 2 one of the most complex titles for PC released in the last few years has surpassed 5 million units sold (and they surpassed that mark 2 years ago) with 4,000 players on Steam just last month. I'm not interested in pursuing anymore CM titles until BF smartens up and moves into the 21st century.
  7. that's what steam offline mode is for. the issue isn't pandering to you, you've already bought it. the issue is the 8 million people who bought a game about driving a tractor or that CM's spiritual ancestor actually sat on steam's TOP 10 best seller list.
  8. probably having a community the size of my mother's bridge club doesn't help
  9. I find movement much easier in older eras. Weapons are not as lethal, there isn't the everpresent danger of near instant artillery or fast movers and spotting is not as effective. Whereas in BS I might really plot out with exact detail a sneaking/cautious path of some infantry through some woods, in RT and FB I don't have a problem just walking them up to the front. It's much easier in this sense, to reinforce holes or shift maneuvers. Small mistakes don't always becomes huge ones as they did in BS (no russian grenade launchers to worry about). You can be a bit sneakier, use m
  10. This game has no presence. It's never mentioned on reddit (except for by one notable user, now banned... I know who you are :D). And reddit is the biggest website on the internet. It doesn't have its own subreddit, and everything has a subreddit. There are only a few dozen CM videos on youtube with over 1,000 views. It's not mentioned on gaming websites- Rock Paper Shotgun is pretty much the only one, and even then it's in the "niche wargaming for old dudes" column. Hell, the only reason I bought CMBS or even knew about it was because I remembered the Combat Mission name from
  11. I wouldn't mind a simple ROE or posture mode. Could perhaps be issued absolutely at the commander level or perhaps per platoon basis, idk. Sometimes seems like it would be a good way to streamline the constant adjusting of target arcs. I.e. Hold fire. Hold fire unless engaged. Hold fire until good targets found. Open fire. Heavy suppression (shoot anything with everything)
  12. Everyone here knows the answer to this though
  13. maybe a campaign mode finally? a proper map editor? Steam support and a large community (LOL)?
  14. Or you could look at games like rimworld who don't just have one coder, their *entire* team is one person and have put out actually weekly updates to the game for 2 years now.
  15. I can't seem to user snipers effectively. I find they get targeted and shot rapidly. The other annoying thing is when their spotter decides to fire his carbine and give away the position before the long gun has come to bear.
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