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Mod Tags and QBs


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  • 2 weeks later...

I think I have a solution to this QB issue based on discovering a solution to the mod conflict issue.

In the "Program Files (x86)" folder, you copy and paste to create a 2nd install of CMRT which you rename as "CMRT Winter Mod".

Then you create a z folder in each of those install folder under the data folder.

Then relocate ALL your favorite CMRT Bagration summertime mods from the z folder you are probably using now under "my documents" to the 1st install's z folder.

ALL the new CMRT Winter Mods go only to the CMRT Winter Mods z folder.

This 2nd install's shortcut path must be edited and we have a new winter CMRT icon  you can use if desired.

OK, now the proposed QB solution....which only works if you do the 2 install process...and this will take some time for me to test and reply...I will remove the [snow] modtag so the new snowy terrain is the default for the 2nd install so NO MODTAG IS NEEDED AND WE MIGHT** HAVE SNOW QUICK BATTLES! We'd still need to edit and refine some summertime maps to make them optimized for winter. 

** Pending testing of this idea.



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