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45 minute real time volunteers...needs vehicile pack?

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First plan... only. 


Game as follows:


Beaches secured. Brits begin to move inland. Moving inland, you are under constant fire!
Your objectives are to secure the church (25 points), and crossroads (25 points). The bridge would be a 
small added bonus (12 points).
We need to ensure the beach track is cleared and free for movement. 
Your force consists of: 8th Troop's sections 1 to 4, with halftracks. A white's scout car, light mortar.
2nd Platoons 3rd & 4th pioneers, with transport.
Humber IV,Churchill XLT,Churchill Crocodile,Sherman Crab
The French resistance advises that part of the area is mined. Check out the map (Alt L).
The only information we have is a report of a small (?) enemy force, that may have some armour support. 
On Map ...Scout Car, Scouts, Humber IV,Jeep, 3rd section (poineers).
5 minutes into the game: 8ths Troops Sections 1,2,4 ,light mortar,Churchill XLT,Sherman crab
10 minutes into the game:4th section 2 platoons Pioneers,Churchill crocodile
20 minutes into game:3rd section 8 troop
The sherman crab will assist you to clear the mines, however it is advisable to locate
the mines with pioneers first.
The Sherman Crab must be protected they are in short supply, if destroyed 
the Germans gain 50 points.
Anybody, wants to give it a try?
Please post below or contact me.
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