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Single player question

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You remind me of me back when I discovered CMBO. I was ape**** excited.


The map making portion of the editor is one of the easiest editors in gaming. Learning to create AI plans and the like is a steeper curve but you could set up a player attack vs AI defense scenario with very little difficulty. Some of the coolest experiences I have had in the game was when I made some stupid little throwaway maps with a few units to test out sound mods I was making. In reality the game provides the tools for near infinite battles.


The amount of enjoyment you can derive from CM is deep and caters to all types (believe me we have guys here that do one, some, or all of these things); playing the scenarios and campaigns, down loading and playing user made scenario/campaigns, HtH play, loading up armor and units in the editor and checking them out, learning about all the armor and units, creating your own mods, loading and testing mods out you've down loaded to get your game looking just right, setting up little situations to test out weapons and vehicles or small tactical situations, designing scenarios/campaigns, designing historically researched scenarios/campaigns, test playing scenarios/campaigns for their authors or screwing around in the editor making maps. The beauty is you can just play or combine a bunch of these, either way you will have great experience with Combat Mission.





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