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Questions regarding fixed/rot wing assets

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Hello all




1) What are the advantages of fixed-wing CAS when compare to helicopter supports? (Or, in what situation the airplane CAS is better than chopper CAS?)


I mean, airplanes in the CMBS have less amount of ATGMs, and cannot call the CAS to anywhere unless there is a direct LOS from Air controller sections (unlike choppers can be called anywhere without direct LOS). Airplanes have HE bombs, however, but their effectiveness are not 100% guaranteed - it can be missed. In addition, though someone claimed that the airplanes are more likely to evade the surf-to-air threats than choppers do, to me, they are also vulnerable against the SAMs or AAAs as same as rot-wings. Stinger AA or Igla, Tungu... are very dangerous even for airplanes. 


Airplane's cost is also not that cheaper than helicopters. In US, F-16CJ AT costs very close in QB points with Apaches, while the F-16CJ AT have only 4 ATGM (Apache Guardian AT has 16 ATGMs). In Rus, Su-34 and Su-24M2's cost level is similar with KA-52 or Havoc's ones. What is the real good point of F-16 CJ AT, Su-34 and Su-24M2 over Apache, KA52 or Havoc? Also, when should I need to choose F-15 or F-16 instead of Apache, or Su-25s over KA-52 or Havoc? I couldn't find any good reason why should I need to use the airplane CAS, instead of high tier gunships. 




2) What is the differences between helicopter? 


In Rus, KA-52 is a bit expensive than Mi-28N Havoc, though the Mi-28N have more number of ATGMs, and 122mm HE rockets (IMO much more useful than 80mm rockets) What justifies this 'little expensive cost' of KA-52 when compare to Havoc? Survivability? or ability to find / detect the enemy vehicles? Same with Apaches. Guardians are slightly expensive than Longbows. Is this just because of more number of hellfire ATGMs in Guardian? Or because of other in-game issues? 





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idk but f15e.s have 8 bombs eachbone of which will KO any armored vehicle it slams into. theyre the cheapest US asset and ive have great luck with them no blue on blue incidents even at extreme danger close ranges.

if Russ or Ukr the Su25 is the cheapest option. i have less experience with these though ive heard if they dnt KO an abrams tgeir cannon fire will strip their subsystems to nothing. tunguskas are good at this too but abrams cant shoot back with su25s

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The advantages to fixed wing are chiefly in weapons I believe.  The various bombs will do a number on ANYTHING if they hit.  This is especially useful when dealing with infantry in buildings or urban environments.  Direct hits on AFVs tend to be quite dramatic too.  Additionally the sort of ATGMs carried on fixed wing assets are a good deal "beefier" than rotary wing and offer fairly minimal chance of survival or escape once they're on track.


On the other hand the ability of rotary wing to find its own targets better, and often respectable ATGM loads makes them pretty handy.   

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