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Combat Lasers on Planes

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That's been the big deal with the F-35. The technology/metallurgy needed to tap off the turbine shaft and change the rotation 90 degrees for the Marine Corps vertical landing version's lift fan was a big hurdle. Big gear box, light, which can handle the stupendous shaft-horsepower. Oh, the clutch was pretty friggin' important, too. That "tall pole in the tent" talk went on for awhile.


Anyhow, if you don't need a lift-fan ('cause you got runways), and you don't need that volume for fuel or ECM or whatnot, then a solid-state laser can get all the juice it needs.


Rumor has it that's the reason the air force is no longer keen on the F22. Well, one of the reasons.


It'll happen sooner than you think.

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The ultimate AA weapon could be a solar powered geo-stationary satellite with lasers. Thanks to the solar panels it could operate for a nearly unlimited amount of time and it could intercept anything from ICBMs to single man fighters. And it would also be great to vaporize people on the ground without warning or traces left. That would be even nastier than the whole drone-war thing that' s currently going on in Pakistan.

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IR laser can be used to blind the seekers of IR missiles, the intensity at the seeker doesn't even have to be particualrly high. When you combine a DIRCM laser with the F-35's RCS reductions you get an aircraft that is very difficult to target. Fighter mounted lasers that can actually destroy things at a useful range are still a while off.

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