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What soft do you use to record CMBS play?

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This question might be ok in tech question. 


I tried to make my recording of CMBS with OBS and Shadowplay, but all failed. 


I'm using GTX765M laptop, with Window8 64bit. 


Shadowplay was pretty obvious to fail, since it does not support for laptops to 'desktop capture', and Window 8 does not support Aero theme option. :/  

For OBS, I don't know why. I think my settings were proper, but whenever I started the recording or preview, the game crashes. 


Is there any other good free and light recording program for laptop gaming? Or if anyone succeed to record CMBS with OBS in laptop GPU, how did you do that? 



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Most people use FRAPS. You can get a free trial which lets you capture 30s I think, but the full version is pretty cheap. It will also serve for screen capture as well; most windows users find the "Print Screen and paste into Paint" method doesn't work.

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