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attn pbem opponents

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<snip>  let the agony of findign license keys and trying to reinstall every cmx2 begin =/ <snip> 

LOL :D   Good luck with that.  I dread the day I will have to get a new computer and re-install all the games, patches, packs and mods........... Hope you get through it with your sanity. 

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i got a new one. affordable and rjns cm better thsn before unfortunately reinstallomg everythings an utter disaster. so far i only have bs working. care for a pvem in bs i anticipate ill hae bn and all modules working today and RT

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I see you are one of the Ancient Ones.  As such I would be honored to PBEM.  I will probably only be able to do a turn or two a day if that is okay with you.  Also my PBEM friend and I use sendthisfile.com to play.  I think most people use CM helper and drop box?  I don't mind using CM helper and drop box but I have to learn how.  This has been on my list of things to do for awhile so maybe this PBEM will motivate me to get it done.  I just downloaded what I think is the newest version of CM helper 1.5.0 to my desktop.  I will unzip it and try to figure it out.  I think I probably also need a drop box account?  I can google drop box and look into what I have to do for that.


Any adult supervision from anyone on the forum on how to PBEM with CM helper and drop box (or whatever is used) would be appreciated. :)  


Also I have all the games and packs with the exception of CM Afghanistan.  All are upgraded.  I can play any of the CM titles attack or defend and any nationality.  I like Iron skill level but will play any of them.  I am sure your house rules will be fine with me.  Just let me know if one or two turns a day is okay and if you have the patience for me to figure out your PBEM system which I am assuming is the drop box cm helper thing.            

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