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Recommendations on Quick Battle setups?

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Hi there. Welcome.

What set ups have you tried so far?

I like tank heavy vs infantry heavy most of the time ( 2 to 1 tank to infantry vs 1 to 2).

A lot of folks enjoy more or less historical OOBs and set ups.

But some like to push the system with unusual mixtures of forces and terrain.


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Tactics - check out you tube and these forum for other material. You will have a good understanding pretty quickly.

Armor - Try larger vs smaller maps. These can get deadly very quick. I think infantry are slower to learn since you have to

coordinate more types of weapons in more closed terrain.


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Also do you mean force setups.or.battle.types? A good rule of.thumb is a meeting engagememt both sides have the same.points. probe is the closest to both.sides having.equal pts but in an attack defend setting. From.there to attack and assault the ratio of points favors the attacker.

For force setups its.so map, situation specific.. you have to find toys.you always like. Fwiw i generally almost always have at least 1 module of 120mm mortars, trps, an fo team thats veteran. After that it gets very tricky. If russians or us i almost always buy a .50 cal or dshk because i love the hmg round...

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