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Decals, looking for more.

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I know this is trivial but was looking for possible decals


1.  Re-doing all of the Normandy Missions around the Caen - St. Lo area and was looking for  decals to apply to the entire series of Sdkfz family.  For the Panzer Lehr Division and the 12th SS HJ Division.


2.  Was also looking for Panzer and AFV  Decals for the 9th and 10th Waffen SS Divisions. for more immersion in the Market Garden scenarios.


again wanted to say thanks for all the time and effort you moders put in, its much appreciated and we would not have the experiences without all of your assistance in making the game that much better.


Semper Fi.




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Hi GhostRider,

  I'd be glad to try and help out a fellow Marine. (Big Semper Fi!) to ya. 

I think I could work up some acceptable mods for you, but I've only

got CMBN and the Commonwealth Forces add-on. But I could take

an existing mod for the Market Garden add-on or the vehicle pack

and use those BMPs as well. (Giving credit to the original modder).

  Before I began, I'd like something similar to this to work from.





Regards, Odd

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Thanks Oddball,   I primarily was just looking for the Divisional insignia from the 9th, 10th, and 12th Waffen SS Divisions.  They were usually located on the front plate of the sdkfz/250 and 251 family.    The Side Hull would of course have numbers just like the Panzers, Company/Platoon/Vehicle.


I have to dig out some of my books for the proper numbering and colors used for the side Hull Numbers, other then that, I think they mostly would have had just their Divisional Insignia on the front, and in the rear of the vehicle.  I am at work now, or I would explain and show some pictures.  I think that's what you were getting at.  I think someone did Panzer Lehr already, I have to double check on the Repository.  By 1944 Germans rarely used tactical markings, but would sometimes include just the divisional Insignia, as well as the appropriate Numbers on the Turret for Panzers and side hull for Halftracks.

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