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A few pointers for fellow intermediate players


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I did well in the first US campaign mission on Veteran (see here) and although I am no CM ninja, 16 friendly KIA and WIA vs 156 enemy KIA and WIA is a good result.  This is what I learned:


- Take it slowly.  Be cautious and methodical with your recon.  Do not look for a fight but position your units for the best possible LOS with the least possible exposure.


-  Move purposefully.  Do not move units unless they have decent cover as they maneuver and/or overwatch from other units with good LOS.  If you must cross open ground with inadequate cover, use "Fast" move orders so that your unit does not stop to engage superior forces.


-  When you deploy UAVs, keep them fairly close to your forward units.  If you send them too far forward they can get shot down and you have no eyes on where the shot came from, nor any capacity to spot and prosecute the responsible entity.  The best way to leverage both UAVs and indirect fires is to minimize speculative use and to coordinate these assets with direct fire and maneuver.


-  Place units with long-range weapon systems on uncontested high ground if possible but only after recon has been there first to spot threats.


-  Exploit long-range weapon systems by placing tanks and ATGM-equipped vehicles in defilade from where they can command LOS from one end of the map to the other, using intersecting lines of fire.  It's amazing how effective these systems can be in taking out enemy vehicles before they can position themselves as a threat to your main effort.


-  Always get down in the weeds to assess LOS and use the predictive LOS tool to assess LOS from a forward plotted waypont before committing to that route.


-  Never push your IFVs so far into combat that they might get shwacked before you dismount the infantry.


-  Do not move your vehicles across long distances without overwatch or cover provided by either elevation or terrain obscuration.


-   Plan carefully for where you place snipers, FOs and JTACs and give them target arc limits so that they do not pick fights when they should be spotting.  More through luck than judgement, I managed to get a vehicle-mounted spotter into such a good position in the first mission of the US campaign that he was able to direct precision artillery fire onto three enemy tanks, obliterating them all.


-  Do not use supporting fires speculatively but time it so that you can coordinate indirect fire with direct fire and maneuver on identified targets.


-  If you see an enemy tank with LOS on your axis of advance, do not walk your forces into its kill zone.  Put them nto cover, suspend your advance and use precision artillery, long-range direct fires or CAS to deplete the threat before you move up.


-  If you have to advance through woods or towns, dismount infantry and cover their advance with LOS from vehicles.


-  Set up intersecting lines of fire.


-  Above all, be patient.  OPTEMPO is an interesting concept.  It is much better to play out a couple of turns if you feel that the enemy might reveal itself to your forces by maneuvering into their LOS envelope than pressing into unknown territory because you think there is some benefit in racing to your objectives when your situational awareness is incomplete.  It is much better to wear the enemy down via good fire and maneuver tactics than rushing headlong for objectives.  Maneuver to take the primary objectives and dig in rather than over-extend yourself.  You will still be credited with a Major Victory through overwhelming attrition of the enemy regardless of ground gained (apart from the primary objectives).


None of this will come as any surprise to experienced players but it may be of some use to intermediate strivers like me.

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I consider myself an "Intermediate-but knowledgeable" player, so Those were great tips!!

Thnx "Bahger",,,


I had a talk with my troops this morning,, and went over those concepts

in detail,,,

I also told them to kill with impunity anything with a laser!! :D

[still working on that strategy,,,more testing needed],,,


Happy Hunting everyone!

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