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Successful Schlieffen Plan doesn't lead to French Surrender :(

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At least without Breakthrough expansion it doesn't. Is it intended that conquering tons of northern France including Paris in 1914 and then continuing to take cities into 1915 leaves the French still in the fight with 45 NM? I thought they would've surrendered after Paris was taken and their entire army outflanked.


The screenshot is winter of 1914. Since then I took out that 2 village pocket, Brittany, and Reims in addition to killing the armies trying to retake Paris.


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Hi NWJB :) ,


Yes I think it was designed like that. There are only 3 ways to defeat France:

1) drop its NM to 0

2) capture its 3 capitals (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles)

3) eliminate Russia and UK first


France is very hard to take down, as was actually the case they are able to take heavy punishment without breaking (just look at WWI casualties tabs or think "Verdun").

Schlieffen could have taken Paris if nothing went wrong and plan wasn't changed but logistics were already a disaster once Lille was left behind.

There is no way France would have surrendered in 1914 (1940 blitzkrieg AoD style is still decades away after all).

Schlieffen won't work vs experienced human players anyway: you will be stopped on the Somme in most games (that is if you do well :P).

And you may even take heavy losses in the process if you're not cautious enough !

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Strategiclayabout is right, as your success in France guarantees ultimate victory in the west unless the Entente can drive you back, but it is very unlikely that France would have folded in 1914 in such a situation. They had immense fighting spirit, which was sadly spent by 1940.


By holding what you've gained in the west, and driving into Russia in the east should ensure a win here.



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Ah alright then, was just making sure it wasn't something I did wrong. Of course I know this wouldn't work against a competent player, and I was surprised that the AI kept so many forces in Lorraine as I force marched my way to Paris. France has surrendered in November 1915 and Russia is down to 25 morale after I've taken Poland, so this should be quick.

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