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Old Hotfix at repository ?

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I was uploading version 1.0 of my historical flag mod to the repository when I noticed an AOD hotfix in the repository.

Not bothering to check whether I had already used it or not, I downloaded it as soon as I was done uploading and immediately applied it.

It promptly sent my e-license into lala-land. I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, probably making things worse, and the upshot is my AOD game is disabled. I'm about to contact support to see if I can get it straightened out.

Leaving aside the part about my not being a happy camper, should there even be a hotfix in the repository at all? I've since noticed that it is an earlier model of the one that recently found it's way to the official download section.

If that old errant hotfix is what lies behind my problems, it needs to be removed from the repository immediately.

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