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Seeking participation from scenario designer(s) for new mod/map/scenario project

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I'm working on something entirely new (and rather unique, as far as I know) that will combine a new mod, tweaked stock files and a map into -what I'm hoping to be- a fairly cohesive fictional 'diorama' of a set of very specific and recognizable structures. I don't want to give away any details yet, as it's still in an early stage of development.

What I will do is make the pretty pictures and the map (my first attempt, and it's as fun and addictive as modding is). But the map and mods are no good all by themselves. They also need an actual scenario with plans, units, objectives, triggers and whatnot. That's something i've never done before, and to put it bluntly, I'd much rather mod the game some more than learn the intricacies of scenario design from scratch, when there are experienced designers out there that already know how to do it and can do a job ten times better than what I would come up with.

That is where I'm hoping one -or more- of you scenario designers comes in and makes it into an actual scenario and/or a set of quickbattles. I haven't a clue how much work goes into scenario making/testing (on an already finished map) or if it's influenced much by the size of a map, so I also don't know if this is even a reasonable request. But, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If anyone is 'game,' or has questions, please let me know.

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