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Lately I've been thinking about a possible Korea mod, as I've been reading a bit about the war. It seems to me like it would be reasonably doable. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about modding in any way, shape, or form.) With a few exceptions, such as the M26/46 Pershing and Centurion, pretty much everything used by all sides exists in some form or another in at least one CM game. I put a short list together of hardware that would be needed. Again, keep in mind I know nothing about modding, but would it be possible to bring the "skins" of vehicles from different games into CMBN? I remember LongLeftFlank using BMP-1s for landing craft in his Pacific Mod, (or at least I think I saw that somewhere) so could the same be done for Normandy? Assuming you could bring in skins from Red Thunder, M4 76mms could make decent T-34s, M10s or maybe Marders could work as SU-76s, and M20 utility cars might serve for BA-64s. You'd need some Korea-esque maps, and it wouldn't be perfect, but would this be a workable idea?

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I don't have FI so I wouldn't know. But I figured the nice thing about Korea is that there weren't a ton of different exotic vehicle types. ROK had pretty much just Greyhounds, NKPA had BA-64s, T-34s, and SU-76s, China had a mismatch of vintage WWII kit from just about everyone, and US/Britain had almost the same stuff as in WWII. Not a whole lot of new kit. I might try my hand at a Korea map, although it will have to be in BfN. If anyone knows some good map resources for Korea, feel free to post them here.

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