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(This is a copy of the Installation chapter in the CMBN - Market Garden game manual)

The important thing to keep in mind (and probably the biggest potential source of confusion) is this:

If you have a CMBN module, then you do not need your base game key (ever again), and you do not have to patch/activate your base game separately (ever again)!

If you have the CMBN Upgrade, then you do not need your previous base game nor module keys (ever again). When you activate a module with a module key, or patch a module, the base game is activated/ patched automatically as well, including any installed modules. When you activate an Upgrade with an Upgrade key, the base game and any modules are activated automatically as well. There is no need to license/ patch the base game, or other modules, separately, PROVIDED that you activate/patch the latest available version.

Below is the correct way to (re-)install CMBN and modules. If you do not have a module listed below, simply skip that step:

1- install the base game, Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. This will typically be v1.00 or v1.01.

2- (if available) install the Commonwealth Module. This will update your game to v1.10.

3- install the CMBN v1.11 patch. You can find it at www.battlefront.com/patches.

4- install the CMBN 2.0 Upgrade, or the 2.0 Market Garden Bundle.

5- use your 2.0 Upgrade license key, or the 2.0 & Market Garden Bundle license key to activate. This will activate the base game and Commonwealth (if available), and Market Garden (if you installed the bundle).

5b- install the Market Garden module, unless you have installed the bundle already in step 3.

5c- use the Market Garden license key to activate the Market Garden module, unless you have activated it already in step 5.

6- if available, install the next Module. 6b- use your next module license key to activate.

7- Repeat 6 and 6b for all available modules.

8- if available, install the latest patch for CMBN. Usually, only one patch is required to update all game components, including the base game and modules.

Note: It’s important to follow these steps and patch as the last step! This will ensure that your game and all modules are up 10 Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy to date; otherwise you may unintentionally downgrade your game to an older version by installing an older module.

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Ah! That's where I saw it. Thanks Mark.

Is the CMFI/GL installation the same, as I believe the process is different to CMBN?

By the by, very impressed with your RT QB maps so far. I've only played a few but the whole experience is a whole lot better than with previous iterations. Everything seems to work really well to produce a really enjoyable game.

At the risk of a metaphorical smack in the mouth, are you at all likely to upgrade the CMBN/CMFI QB maps? Or is that a bridge too far......

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At the risk of a metaphorical smack in the mouth, are you at all likely to upgrade the CMBN/CMFI QB maps? Or is that a bridge too far......

I appreciate your comments. I, too am enjoying CMRT QB's. As to Retro-fitting CMBN, if called upon by BFC, I'd love to do that. But it would be a very large project and time constraints might really get in the way. BFC is pretty busy these days.

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