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This is addressed to the guys who made the scenarios for RT ,btw excellent job to all.When you make them, do you make them so that they are reasonalbly winnable from both sides, or is one side generally favored and the non-favored side has to play a perfect game to win?eg. an out numbered defender?

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Can't speak for anyone else, but generally I find that I design based on an idea and play the more active side and try to set up a reasonable AI defense for it. If I flip sides I find it really hard to now get the AI to do a reasonable job. Part of this is because I expect the player to use the full range of options in their kit (smoke, demo charges, suppressive fire) and the AI is incapable of that. Net result - One side is a real fight, the other becomes generally an opportunity to beat up on the AI.

Keep in mind I am still learning and other more experienced designers probably have a lot more success at balance.

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