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Okay, I know there is a Tutorial Campaign, nicely identified. However, I get the impression in reading the manual that there is a Battle, that is designed as a Tutorial, but no where do I see it identified. Can someone enlighten me?

The tutorial has three "missions." The first is moving up to a firing line to learn how to select, move, and target. It uses both infantry and armor. The second is an assault on a German occupied hill. The manual gives you hints on what to do and where to move. The third is defending that hill from a counterattack. It's pretty much a rewrite of "Task Force Rath" in CMBN. I'm doing it just to learn some of the idiosyncrasies of the Soviet forces.

The whole campaign is explained in the manual. I downloaded the manual onto my iPad so I could read the text while I was playing the mission.

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Thanks for the reply but it sounds like you missed my question. Your answer seems to be describing the tutorial "campaign", the manual implies (to my mind, weak as it is) in the paragraph before they launch into an explanation of the campaign tutorial, that there is a "single battle" one should play? Am I wrong?

EDIT: I guess the answer to my last question is YES. I must be trying to read something into manual text that was not intended!

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