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German AT Gun under Brtish Command?

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It's entirely possible to do in the scenario editor. The capacity for Blue-v-Blue scenarios is deliberate. The capacity to change the parameters from which you can select a given side's units is deliberate. The capacity to put enemy units under your command is potentially used as a way to simulate the use of captured equipment (though the models etc will be staunchly adherent to the colours of their original owners... perhaps the fieldgun won't fire unless the bombardier is wearing the right uniform :) ).

One day, captured units with the re-painted job and obvious idents used will be included in TOs so the workaround doesn't have to be used in as many cases, but that will probably only be for "common" captured elements like T34s on the OstFront, perhaps, or Fausts for the American formation that captured a warehous full and trained on them and issued them as standard. It will remain necessary to represent more "ad hoc" desperation employments as scenario designers decide to depict them.

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