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Russian Infantry Backpack Inspired By Santa Claus' Rucksack?


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I happily watched the new video(s) from ChrisND about Red Thunder



but when I saw the infantry men's backpacks/rucksacks I was a bit disappointed I must say.

In my opinion they are too big and at the same time too short and squarish/quadratic - it should be smaller and longer, I think

(and maybe here and there be combined with a rolled blanket).

Please look at this video:

What do you guys say?

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Wow, I had no idea the Soviet rucksack was more like a bag. A big difference to the US Army (circa 1980s) rucksacks with a metal frame and multiple pockets I was accustom to. I think the bedroll is kind of iconic for Soviet infantry and would look cool in the game. The CMRT is just in beta now. Maybe the final version will look more like your video. We can hope.

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The Soviet M30 backpack (a version of Zarist M10 backpack) was just a homeless bag with integrated straps and tied to the top. There was no frame so the bag shape heavily depended on what the soldier put inside.

The "blanket" was usually a greatcoat rolled inside a tent half or just the tent half. Operation Bagration was done from late June to August 1944. Even Belarus is quite warm in July and August, so I don't think the greatcot was needed.

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