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Strange unit move in Serbia

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I will add to that, pretty sure it isn't supposed to do that. Ambushes are supposed to work like fleet interceptions(or so I always assumed it did), aka, it stops the units movement for that turn.

If it retreats it retreats, which is fine. But I think the thing causing the problem is this:

You give movement order, it has 3 ap, moves 2 fields(only on the 3rd field will it take away all 3 ap), is intercepted, which normally would make it stop moving and take away all AP,BUT it retreats, which doesn't have a 'remove AP' trigger set to it(because to retreat you need to be attacked, which means it isn't your turn) and as such it moves 1 field back(or to wherever) and still has the starting 3 AP.

I have obviously no idea how the game is coded and this is just a laymans best guess on what would cause this bug, but hey, no harm in voicing it.

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