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USA invading Japan in April 1942

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Hi :) ,

Just happened to me as Axis in a ladder game.


I believed there was some kind of home defense event when Japan is invaded ?

But there was no unit pop and USA took the southern half of Japan with 3 units.

Fortunately I always leave an unit in the capital otherwise it was game over.


I'm all for bold tactics but I find this situation completely ahistorical and ridiculous.

True if I knew there was no event I would have kept more units there.

But I think the USA to Japan loop allowing to teleport amphibs is a bit too much.

What do you think people ?

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Strat - I have emailed Hubert direct about this. I'm all for game variation, but I think this should be a very hard thing to do. The home defence units should still pop up, and the alternative capital should still be available early on.

The big problem is the loops. Amphibs should not be able to use them, but maybe the game engine cannot prevent it.

This is the problem with having open scripts - it is too easy to learn the game and spot the loopholes. We need to keep closing them...

I am now forewarned about the necessity of defending Japan early on!

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- I'm the best learning material around :D !

Isnogud took Osaka before Tokyo so it ruled out Seoul option for Japan it seems.

(there was the same problem with taking Manchester before London preventing UK captital transfer to Canada or Egypt I think)

- Reading my post 4 again I just saw it could be understood in an ironic/bad manner.

(the script part wasn't worded in the best way)

I apologize if that's the case: should have put some happy smileys in there :) .

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