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I did a quick search but couldn't find a thread on it. How is the new feature of fire going to work in the vanilla version of Red Thunder? Will buildings be able to be set on fire and eventually collapse? Will troops in buildings on fire take damage from it even before the building collapses? Will the same apply to vehicles? Can fire spread and be affected by weather conditions like humidity and wind?

I know a lot of time was spent on making fire functional so I'm curious to see what state it's in. Feel free to post a video. ;)

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There is some residual terrain burning in the wake of a flamethrower hit but no spreading forest fires or blazing buildings... At the moment, anyway. Game features are evolving almost on a daily basis but I doubt there's enough time in the schedule to introduce or test anything 'spectacular'. Then, again I'm the guy who thought they'd never get hit decals into the game. ;)

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