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Map-makers choice.

Long have I awaited the return to the Eastern Front. A trip to the Library of Congress a few years ago gave me the chance to make copies of period maps of as many areas as I could annoy the LOC Geography and Maps Division staff to retrieve from their archives. Listed below are the map grids that I have copies of, so if you're really interested, reply here and I'll see if I can scan them and post, or email those scans.

Generally speaking, they are captured German maps, although a few are Russian maps captured from the Germans I suppose (otherwise, how would the LOC have them?).


Als Schiesskarte geeignet!


1. Ausgabe vom III. 1943 (or 1941 or 1942 vintages, it varies a bit)

So let the listing begin:

L-37-6-A Bol. - Meschkowa

L-37-6-B Dmitrijewka

L-37-6-C Uspenskaja

L-37-6-D Kuibyschewo

L-37-32-A Rostow N-D

L-37-32-B Akssaiskaja

L-37-85-C Majak-Ssalyn

L-37-85-D Kertsch

L-37-97-A Marfowka

L-37-97-B Star. Karantin (Gorkim)


O-35-12-B Peternot

O-35-12-C Djatlizy

O-35-12-D Ropscha

O-36-1-A Strelna

O-36-1-B Leningrad

O-36-1-C Krassnoje Sselo

O-36-1-D Puschkin

O-36-2-A Rschewka

O-36-2-B Newskaja Dubrowka

O-36-2-C Kolpino

O-36-2-D Nikolskoje




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Here are some maps:

WWII-era Soviet maps (site in Russian):


Lots of 50k scale maps here, but not free :-(


Lots of topo maps here (mostly from 80s), looks like 50k scale maps of Russia deleted due to Russian legal requirements (site in Russian):


Various maps, many situation maps rather than topo:


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