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3 days waiting for reset

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I put in a help desk ticket 3 days ago to ask for a reset for the Marine module for Shock Force. Today still no reset. What's the hangup? I realize I am at the mercy of who ever is in charge of handing out the resets but I would really appreciate it getting done....I was a little sarcastic on the help desk ticket I guess only because of the frustration of this system for the honest customers of whom I am one....I am sure you guys have heard all this before but I have spent lot's of hard earned money on LOT'S of your games . You can look it up. Just can't see the value of the way this works for customers.....so, now should I give up all hope of getting this done or what?....thank you

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No, it is not a new license key. Your key can be activated for use on 2 different machines (or 2 different times) and that's it. If you change any hardware ( add ram, video card, etc....) or if you uninstall for some reason and don't un-license your game before you do that, then you have lost the ability to play your game on that computer.....the license key will not work anymore because you still show the 2 activations. You then must have Battlefront reset they key which in my case they finally did yesterday so I am all set for now.

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