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Saving Over Previous File Ends Game?

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I always save over my previous file in single-player. In hundreds of save-overs, I've never seen this problem happen.

Did the error look like text from the game or text from Windows?

I did recently get a strange red error box while trying to save a new PBEM turn file--something I'd never seen at all in CM before. However, it took me back to the save dialogue, and my second attempt worked fine.

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I saved over a file or did something similiar I picked my own text but it was the same or similiar to other quick battle files anyway it read ... once I tried to load a saved quick battle game ... it read something like I need the Market Garden module thing to play these files ... I don't even have the market garden thing have always had Normandy thats it lmao. Anyway, I started a new Quick Battle and saved it with a completely new file name and am having no problems at all.

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