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I had a funny bug happen when I updated to 2.0

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It's been a couple of months, but the new video inspired me to figure out what was wrong with my login, and post what happened. So I upgraded CMBN to 2.0, and the next day when I fired it up, the unit names were all wrong, for example where there was a Bren carrier, it was renamed ISU122, and no T34s, but the squad unit types were all displayed as Soviet something or another, with Soviet weapon icons (although the in game units were still British). In fact, the first odd thing I noticed were the squad names seeming to be Soviet. I first assumed that the install got corrupted with Afghanistan (which I don't own) or one of the Shock Forces I had installed. That was, until I saw the ISU122.

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This happens when you use an older version of the Vin's Animated Text mod with a newer patch or game version. Are you using that?

Every update alters the text files in the game (some of which, as you have seen, are shared by other CMx2 titles), so a new version of Vin's Animated Text is necessary. The newest can be found in the Repository.

If you're not using Vin's, it's possible that you updated incompletely or in the wrong order. This produces the same weird text effect.

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