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Spotting range during combat usage

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Hi lhugues41 :) ,

- If I remember well you can't attack a revealed unit with a plane and spot surrounding tiles at the same time. If a german fighter attacks a french unit in front of Paris, you won't be able to see what's in the city or around the tile you attacked. If there is no (revealed) unit in the tile you target you should be able to spot surrounding tiles.

- Spotting range should work as follow:

* 2 tiles around your plane base tile (increases with long range tech)

* 1 tile around your flight path and tile target (if no revealed unit on it)

- For AoC/AoD there are differences, can't remember everything but:

* you can spot surrounding tiles even when you attack a revealed unit

* fighters have a longer spotting range in AoC

- So you'll have to change your aerial gameplay !

That said you should wait for a SC guy to have an expert answer ;) .

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