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1.30 Demo Crashing to Desktop

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I downloaded the CMSF 1.30 demo to give it a go and I'm having an odd issue which I hope someone can help with.

Whenever I start a mission, I get 5-10 minutes in before being dumped back to the desktop with a standard Windows "this application has stopped working" message. I'm not sure where to start as there is no obvious error message or log file as far as I can see. Can anyone suggest next steps?

My laptop key specs:

Intel i7 Q720 1.6ghz

4GB ram

ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 1GB (Catalyst 13.9)

Win 7/Avast Antivirus

Any help greatly appreciated,


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We saw this problem (or at least something very similiar) with Catalyst 9.3 - 9.9 and it turned out to be an OpenGL bug in the drivers - a texture memory leak. Unfortunately with a laptop your driver choice may be fairly limited. Are you running a driver from AMD or is it provided by your laptop manufacturer ? Since you're running the 13.9 Catalysts, that suggests you are using drivers provided by AMD.

The first thing to try is to possibly change the 3D Model and Texture Quality settings to 'Balanced' if they are not set to that already ('Options' menu). If they are set to that, then possibly try the 'Faster' or 'Fastest' settings (though I don't think they'll make a significant difference if 'Balanced' doesn't work).

I'm not specifically aware of any issues with the 13.9 Catalysts, but you may want to try an earlier driver and see if the problem persists or not. Try the 9.10 or 9.11 Catalyst (if you can find it - I'm not sure where to find older Catalysts on AMD's site). I'm uncertain if this download from Guru3D may have Mobility support or not:

Guru3D archive: Catalyst 9.10 for Windows 7/Vista 32-bit and 64-bit (separate downloads)

AMD had a specific fix for CMSF in the 9.10's and most subsequent drivers should have maintained this fix, though I did run into an occasional issue with the 10.2 Catalysts and some older Radeons.

If the above linked driver does NOT support the Mobility versions, then you can try the 'Mobility Modder' program that will modify your Catalyst 9.x installer to support the Mobilities:

Mobility Modder

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Hi Schrullenhaft,

Thanks for the quick response. I was fiddling last night and turned on the "ATI Right Click Compatibility", which allowed me to get through a mission without crashes. Hopefully that's sorted it, but if not I'll have a fiddle with downgrading to Catalyst 9.10.

I've just bought the base game, so I hope my run of luck continues! :)



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