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SC3 Multiplayer

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Maybe to Hubert and Bill,

did you ever think about a kind of value judgment or score in future games? I just play some Civilization and recognize/remember the sweeping scoring system in single and multi player modus



Please remember our scoring issue in tournament. We could give scores at the end of any match for:

conquered major cities

playing time

build units

destroyed units

number of combats

conquered minor cities

held time capital cities


some more

This score fixed a detailed valuation for any victory. I remember when playing Civ solo matches that I was strongly motivated to make it better next time. Of course it is handy for multi player too.

2nd proposal for your next game is a kind of bonus system at the beginning of a multiplayer match that gives a bonus for one side. Could be 0% or 0 mpp bonus for a upcoming match or some additional mpps for one side. This surely helps when one side is a bit in favor. Some guys already see a slightly favour for allies in the tourny.


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