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Old Playler perhaps coming back -


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I use to play CMSF (all through NATO expansions). Though, I don't believe I was still playing when patch 1.30 finally came out. I have since long ago uninstalled CMSF.....but I'm thinking of repurchasing the CMSF/Marines pack......

Did 1.30 change the game much for most? I know I've read the patch list ......Just wondering how people felt the game played out after that long awaited patch. I think I remember being on 1.21 forever...

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Got the CMSF Mac Bundle 1.32. Has all the epansions as an ensemle it is a blast! Provides a much more complete package for plenty of fun. I have no where near scratched the surface of all the user made scenarios, campaigns, and even theatre mods available for this game.

Be aware that Battlefront is planning a new modern game based on the CMx2 engine possibly call "Black Sea." They may also update CMSF to the CMx2 engine. The future looks good for modern CM.

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There is supposedly going to a be an update to the current CMSF engine to bring it up to date with the CMBN engine. No word on ETA.

The developers are tight lipped about CMSF 2 so all that is known for sure is the game is 'far along the development cycle'. 2014 for sure but when, no one is saying...

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