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Anchoring Bridges in v2.11

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Has something changed in the way bridges are anchored (i.e. at least 2x2 action spots with the same elevation at each end) and how they are connected to paved roads and footpaths?

When I set the terrain up in the editor as shown below I get the following unexpected 3D results. Is this a terrain bug or am I doing something wrong?

Footbridge with Footpath in the editor (removing the footpath does not eliminate the issue)


Footbridge in 3D (footpath)


Stone Bridge with Paved Road in the editor (removing the paved road or using an unpaved road does eliminate the issue)


Stone Bridge in 3D (paved road)


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Try having the water at the same elevation as the surrounding terrain. I believe the editor automatically creates water depth when you choose water for a tile, so by assigning a different elevation for the water you are making the bridge sit lower than the terrain it is intended to connect to.

I think....

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Thanks kensal, I tried that (assigned all action spots to "11"), but there was no change.

I have included bridges in scenarios before, but always with unpaved roads, so I have never encountered this type of problem before. Part of me thinks there is something screwy with the way paved roads interact with bridges. I have no idea why the footbridge doesn't adjust to the appropriate elevation. It really shouldn't be a tricky process editor wise in either case.

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After playing around with this further I don't think it' user error. For the sake of demonstration, here are the results when making all of the action spots the same elevation (as suggested above).

Is this something that will be addressed in the small patch in production?

Footbridge in the editor


Footbridge in 3D


Paved Road and Unpaved Road in the editor


Paved Road in 3D


Unpaved Road in 3D (displays as expected)


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I did some testing and this seems to happen when you link certain bridges to (I'm guessing here) "unsupported" road types.

The Stone 24 bridge is too narrow to properly work with the paved roads so you get that effect, if you use Stone 24 W (I assume it stands for Wide) with paved roads it anchors properly, similar stuff happens when using a Railroad bridge and linking it to a road, or using the footbridge and anchoring it to a road.

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Thank you for taking a moment of your time to explain that - I think your right. Like I said, I only used certain bridges with unpaved roads in the past, so apparently I was assuming too much.

Also, it looks like the "16" Footbridge is intended to be used across a Shallow Ford tile in order to anchor properly. Spanning it across a normal Water tile results in the deformation pictured above.

Thanks again, I'm glad this was a case of ignorance rather than a game issue.

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