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RTB Add on 2 - new Iraqis

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These have been sent to the Repository and should appear soonish.

Road to Baghdad Mod - Add on 2 - IRAQIS v1.0 (CM:SF)

It is intended to be used with my original Road to Baghdad mod and RTB news and music mod. Both available in the Battlefront repository.

This download contains a rar file of amended Iraqi uniforms, helmets & faces to better resemble those used by Saddam Hussein's regime. It completely replaces the Iraqis sub-folder in the original mod. See full instructions below.

It uses mods by other authors as well as myself. All credit to Birdstrike, Mord, M1A1TC, Aris and any other authors I may have missed.

WARNING: This mod alters the appearance of the Syrian infantry, special forces, fighters and combatants and should not be used with other mods that alter these files.


You'll need

. winrar to unzip the mod to your desk top.

. CM:Shock Force


1. If you have RTB already installed, find the original mod in your Z folder (usually found in the data folder of Shock Force) and look for a sub-folder called Iraqis.

2. Delete the Iraqis sub-folder.

3. Download the new mod's winrar file

4. Unzip the new 'Iraqis' folder to your desktop.

5. Drop the the new Iraqis sub-folder into the RTB folder in your Z folder (in your data directory of Shock Force). Should be good to go.






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