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I just uploaded 7 Scenarios to the Repository. I guess they will be available for download in a few days.

They are all Scenarios that I created several years ago, and have only been play tested by me. Thought that I would post them for the hardcore CMSF fans looking for some new content. They are primarily Blue vs. Red AI.

CMSF Base Scenarios:

Tough Nut

Bomber Takedown

Pilot Rescue

Copperhead Road

CMSF Marine Scenarios:

Al Kut

Raisin El Aboud


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Many thanks for your work! I´m pretty sure a lot of people will enjoy those scenarios.


You are welcome. I have a few more scenarios that I will upload soon. Just working on briefings and what not. As I mentioned these were designed a number of years ago, so the design process has evolved and improved since then.

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I played Lyin' for War and Pilot Rescue.

I must say, both are very intense and fun scenarios.

Lyin' for War is a very nice size MOUT battle on a small map that given the focus of the battle, doesn't feel constricted and limiting. Very nice that. Intense fights and sudden death which characterize MOUT are plentiful even for platoon sized engagement. Well done, Chops.

Pilot Rescue was a surprise for me, being not what I expected from the name. I expected a rush to the pilot with guns blazing in fine cinematic style and an equally cinematic extraction with bullets flying. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a covert extraction on a very tight deadline. The deadline gives a sense of urgency that keeps you moving, even while your forces are fatigued and it is important to limit your engagements as they hold you up and bring very unwelcomed attention from the multitude of forces searching from you.

Time for this one is nearly too short and I barely made the extraction zone with all my forces (with zero casualties), as the time forced me to take considerable risks of trying to skirt enemy forces that were a little too close for comfort. Another 5 minutes on the clock would have let me feel a little more comfortable.

Probably the most intense scenario I played in a while. On two occasions, I literally had enemy squads pass by me at ranges between 10 and 20 meters and I had a BMP pass over a bridge while one of my squads hid on the other side of the bridge guard rails, a distance of only meters!! Now, that is a scenario worth playing.

Both scenarios are gems and I look forward to try the rest. Kudos, Chops!

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I finished up Copperhead Road and I have mixed feelings about this one. The good is a nice size map (without being overally large) which is exceptional for its layout with three distinct urban strips separated by a large double lane highway and a canal/wadi/river. There is a nice mix of open and urban terrain and the scenario setup with a IED exploding just prior to scenario start under an overpass is visually engaging once you come in game.

The forces are balanced and a good mix, so one does have options to hide up the vehicles and do a traditional infantry MOUT clearing operation or one can do a mounted/dismounted mechanized infantry action.

Why the mixed feelings? The large and heavy artillery salvo within the first minute of game start seemed strangely out of place for IED attack. The volume of fire coming in suggests a major assault is coming yet when the bad guys start showing up near where the supposedly besieged engineers are hunkered down, it is only a few squads at most and if one is set up correctly, not a creditable threat. Given that the orders are to hold the position until the relief column shows up, I expected the engineers to be fairly in for a fight of their life until the cavalry shows up and for me, the engineers just sat around for most of the game as a few more enemy squads trickled into the engineers defensive area and got shot up.

The real fight is the relief column appearing and pushing into the heart of the map. I really didn't understand why the forces spawned in where they did and in many cases, right into the sights of enemy forces armed with RPGs and a tank which shot one of my Bradleys seconds after it spawned in. Having two vehicles shot up upon spawning in before one can do anything with them except pop smoke and try to run for cover is a bitter pill. In a second playthrough, I actually managed to save my vehicles upon spawning in but it takes no small degree of vigilance and luck to do so.

This may frustrate some players and seem rather heavy handed but if one can look beyond the frustration of having your vehicles spawn into the sights of enemy forces, the scenario actually plays quite well, and as I said, the map does allow for a variety of routes and methods to achieve victory.

In the end, I still liked this scenario despite a rather underwhelming attempt by the enemy to destroy the engineers (I expected more a fight for the engineers) and the frustration of where your reinforcements spawned in. Still a good and intense scenario despite the issues I outlined.

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Finished up Bomber Takedown. A delightful fast playing, principally infantry fight. The map is very much open with limited terrain but the environmental lighting allows for movement through fields and the limited low ground to close on the objective.

This is one scenario in which interlocking zones of fire and mutual fire support will pay dividends. One can using bounding overwatch and other fire and maneuver tactics to pin and suppress the enemy and move the assaulting elements into position. Use the limited artillery support to best advantage and go to town on the bad guys.

The scenario length is 30 minutes and given the open terrain and the distance to fire and maneuver over, it might seem like not enough time (my initial impression) but as long as one doesn't get bogged down in a protracted fire fight without moving forward, the scenario is winnable in the time allotted. Head long rushing forward without suppressing the enemy and pinning him down will be punished, making this scenario an excellent scenario to hone one's infantry tactics in the face of a determined enemy.

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