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Light Conditions: Twilight and Dawn.

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Something else I was thinking about this morning is glare effects just before sunset or after sunrise. For the last hour or two before sunset in the real world, the side in the west would have the advantage that the sun would be shining in the eyes of their adversaries, making it harder for them to spot. The same would be true for the side to the east for an hour or two after dawn. All this presupposes clear skies of course. Interestingly, the advantage shifts to the other side after sunset or before down as the one side could be silhouetted against a bright sky while the other has a dark sky behind them.

I seriously doubt that this is modeled in the game or will be as implementing it would, it seems to me, involve a lot of work for very small gains in authenticity. But it is an interesting subject for a realism grog.



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