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Missing Campaign features

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I'm revising my two campaign and started to think about some of the features that were present in CMX1 campaigns that I sorely miss, namely the damaged terrain, knocked out vehicles and troops' positions recorded in each battle and replaced back in the subsequent one.

That was a neat feature that added a great immersion factor playing a campaign, besides it simulates quite well the micro-landscape a soldier is likely to perceive during a battle and a good system for finding his ways through the chaos using them as landmarks.

Would it be possible to have it back? That would be just great.

I also miss the possibility to create a single campaign that could be played against the computer choosing any side having AI plans for each Allied and Axis included. It should also be possible to play the Campaign by email and not just using hotseat.

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The one thing I would like is the ability to toggle on briefing to the master brief... In large campaigns I forget what the master brief says about order of the battles and what I have left to play...

I know I could open it up in editor or reload 1st game but if possible having this available without doing any of that would be really useful at times...

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