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Semovente da 47/32 in action --- rare footage

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Hello everyone,

I found out a very neat video on youtube, showing Bersaglieri Inf. and a Semovente da 47/32 in action against partisans , in Slovenia.

The year could be 1942/43 it seems.

At 2:06 there is a very interesting shot of a 47mm HE shell explosion very close to the tank, as seen from the self-propelled itself.

The falling Bersaglieri are probably a re-creation of a real engagement. But some of them trip rather "heavily"...

Could be real, could be not.

The fact remains that guerrilla warfare in the Balkans was a rather crude and hard war for both sides. (a uncle of mine was there in Jugoslavia)

At the end and in the beginning, you can clearly see German soldiers as well.

Interesting also are: Beretta MAB 38s, Carcano Cavalry rifles and Breda 30 LMG firing.

I hope you enjoy it.



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Yes, indeed, the dummies from the windows were a bit of a giveaway.

The soldiers falling thogh were quite realistic in their moves.

Interesting nonetheless to see the 47mm in action. I was especially interested in watching the 47mm HE shell exploding close by the tank.

Also , the AB-41 turret mounted on the armoured train was a first for me in an historic newsreel.

In another anti-partisan action, this time in Italy, against italian partisans, you can see, IMO, a non-staged action.

At 2:15 we can see , on the very left of the screen, an hidden partisan being hit by bullets fired presumely from the MAB38 on the right (or others) and the poor guy falling down and incoming bullets hitting the ground nearby.

If you go at 2:43, after the end of the engagement, you can see in that previous position a fallen man.


There are some very interesting videos on the historic national archive of "Istituto Luce".

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