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Voice request (for Mord maybe?)


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I was wondering if some voice actor out there could change the audible static burst when reinforcements arrive to a verbal "Reinforcements have Arrived!"

Sometimes I am zoned into the action, and bullets are flying and explosions are going off and its like hey how long have these guys been sitting there?

Back in the Dos 6 days there was an RTS game called Dune that had an excellent reinforcements prompt, but I can't find that wave file, wish I had it. But if someone could make one that'd be great.

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The file I think is chat squawk.wav and it's used for notifications in-game. It could be changed to whatever you'd like. Although I think it's also used before your troops do radio calls.

It actually not used for radio VO calls, that SFX is part of the VO sound file. So you could change the chat squawk.wav to anything you want. I think there is at least one mod out there already that changed it to a small fanfare.

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