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Fighter Intercept Bug

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In a recent game, an anomaly occurred with Italian fighters failing to intercept allied naval airstrikes although within range and at full strength.

The allies had DOW on Tunisia and attacked the garrison in Tunis with naval air. An Italian fighter unit was at Palermo which is within range of Tunis but it failed to sortie.

During the next turn,when the Axis player bombed Tunis now in British hands, the same Italian fighters sortied as escorts when the bomber was intercepted by the Brit carrier.

There is obviously a bug that treats the minor as being allied once occupied but not during the turn it is DOW causing the failure to sortie.

I know it is only a very minor annoyance but Hubert or Bill may want to take it on board for a future patch if easy to fix.

I have a pbem save if needed.

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Hi Pacestick,

I suspect that this might not be a bug but rather just a possible misunderstanding of the intercept range... for example, intercept range for fighters is strike range - 1, while escort range is = strike range.

If you double check your the strike range of your Italian Fighter, is this possibly the cause then of the failed intercept?

If not then I'll be happy to dig into this further,


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